Drink and eat the nourishment of angels 
Bouasse Lebel
Joys of Perseverance
Jesus feeds them with his hand
and of his virtues he perfumes them.
Bouasse Lebel 1492
How pleasing are your tabernacles, Lord God of Hosts.
Turgis, 902
The hand of Jesus is always open
to give, to bless and to pardon.
Bouasse Lebel
Happy are those who quench their thirst
at the Source of Life.
Bouasse Lebel
Sacred Heart of Jesus
Bouasse Lebel 3000
Like little birds, let us hasten to Jesus; 
He will give us the Bread of Angels.
Basset 398

The things of earth seem of little account when one possesses the highest good.
Bouasse Lebel 

The Happiness of Jesus   
I am your food.   
Bouasse Lebel 6017
Look at the little birds of heaven they neither sow nor reap.

Source of Grace

The Source of Graces.

Heavenly Nourishment
With this divine nourishment, go through life;
you carry within you the power of Jesus Christ.

In this divine nectar my heart is refreshed. 
This feast is worth for it the pleasures of the world

This Precious Chalice

O My Savior give me wings like a dove,
and I will fly and take part in this precious Chalice 
where one tastes a holy and delicious and intoxication

Each day I invoke Him and with paternal care
He nourishes me with gifts offered on His altar.
The God of Angels is become man
so that man can be nourished by the Bread of Angels.
St, Augustine

When you participate in the Heavenly Banquet,
Implore for me of the Divine Bridegroom.
Lord, giver of all things, give to us our daily bread.
If I have not love, I am nothing. (St. Paul)
Bouasse Lebel
Living bread which came down from heaven 
to give us life, have mercy upon us.
Bouasse Lebel
All who thirst, come to the Source
whose waters spring up from eternal life.
Bouasse Lebel, Paris #460
Bread of our Soul
Come, eat the bread prepared for you.

In the eastern rite the priest approaches the Altar  of Sacrifice with the words, "Now is the time for God to act."   These  words remind the faithful that in the Liturgy the substance of bread and  wine is changed by the action of the Spirit into the Body and Blood of  Jesus Christ and that, as we receive the Energy of the Triune God in the  Mystery of the Blessed Sacrament, it is the Sanctifier who acts to  change our very being, restoring in us the Image of that which we  receive.
I am the Bread of Life. Whoever comes to me will not hunger.
John 4:35
Source of Life, delicious beverage, you give immortality.
The treasure of the earth.
Let us quench our thirst at the source of graces.
There, recollected and alone, 
in the Heart of Jesus I lose myself.
You want to give me to eat 
the heavenly meat and the bread of angels  
which is none other than yourself, O my God!
The Eucharist is the Life of the World. 
Do not try to fight against the violence of the waves, rather retire to the quiet on the bank of our holy Eucharistic Shrine. Bonamy

At the Source of Grace, my soul is refreshed.
Source of Grace, I come to drink from your divine waters.
Source of Grace, I come to drink from your divine waters.
Langlume (handcolored in watercolors)
The blood of Jesus revivifies the earth.
The Blood of Jesus Christ
Lejeune, Paris
The Eucharist and Solitude
O Christian soul, let be the desert, if you ask to Heaven
to rain on you, the Eucharistic manna
Let those who thirst come to Me. John 7:37

Happy are those who come to Jesus.
Bouasse Lebel 110

The Hospitable Rooftop.  
Bouasse Lebel 1090

handpainted with inlaid mother of pearl

Precious Blood of Jesus Christ,
flow over my soul.

The Blessed Eucharist is the
Testament of the Heart of Jesus.
Turgis, Paris
The feast of the elect.
Those who like only pleasure are miserably happy. The Martyrs on the contrary are happily miserable.
OH JESUS INSPIRE ME! The modest virtues of St. Joseph Bouasse Lebel 3449